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There are almost 6,000 ASCs operating in the United States. About 1,500 of these facillities have "corporate partners" that own between 20% - 51% of the equity in the ASC and provide management services. I know the CEOs of almost all of these corporations and can call most of them my friends. The majority of them do a great job and provide equity capital and expertise on a fair and competitive basis.

Saying that, I believe there is an opportunity in this industry to provide you -- the physicians -- with the skills, the tools, and the financial expertise to achieve superior results while retaining maximum ownership. A higher percentage (100%) of physician ownership equates to more physicians being involved at a greater level of participation. This naturally leads to greater physician involvement, increased procedure volume, and improved profitability. These are results you can measure.

The ASG team has been involved in the syndication, development, and management of some of the most successful centers in the county. Let us show you how your ASC can attain the results you desire.

John R. Seitz
Chairman & CEO

Selling Equity in Your ASC: Identify Your Motivation to Make the Right Decisions
Published in Becer's ASC Review

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